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Pop! Playing with color, patterns and proportions in a joyous Puccification of a real living wardrobe.

From the skiing track to the evening party and back, every occasion gets a Pucci touch, with the requisite ease and effortlessness.

A layering of elements, shaken, mixed and stirred.

Outerwear makes a statement, tailoring cuts a dash, loungewear becomes daywear.

Duvets and coats with fur details provide glamorous protection. Chunky cashmere sweaters, overblown scarves. Printed leggings. Pajama suits. Suddenly, a sculpted minidress.

Masculine touches in feminine interpretations: the blazer, cinched at the waist with a smock insert; lace taping on the impeccable suit. Sequins swarm on the oversized shirt with a ruffle bib. The necktie is worn with the long dress.

Short fringes add a frisson to the fluid silhouette. Worlds collide, creating unexpected harmonies: five pockets and truck jackets are cut in duchesse satin. A feisty evening spin: embroidered minidresses, flowing gowns with the ease of a t-shirt.

Bougainvillea, pink, orange, emerald green, sky blue, yellow. Primavera prints, Pucci swirls and geometries.

Duchesse, mannish wools, double-faced cashmere, georgette.

The fun come with accessorizing: pvc clutches worn at the waist, or carried with playful chains. Pointy booties, sneaker/ flats hybrids and stockings add a naughty touch. Oversized sunglasses and tassel earrings for a dash of glam.

The spirit is in the mix.
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